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School Rules


A school is a centre of learning within an organisational structure concerned with the vital task of educating and developing the whole child.  In order for the school to be managed efficiently, the practise and acquisition of acceptable patterns of behaviour are necessary.  The aim of this document should, therefore be seen as a guideline aimed at security uniformity in setting the general tone of the school, thereby encouraging an orderly proceeding of the school life.  This will enable the child eventually to acquire self-discipline and develop his/her own moral code of behaviour which will equip him for life itself.

Adherence to procedures and rules are essential, for children do not benefit from disorderly behaviour, nor, in the long run, does it make them happy.  We will therefore regard as important, the task of fostering worthy standards of behaviour, good manners and correct neat dress appearance.

Furthermore we feel that every member of the school should be familiar with the domestic rules, understand and abide by them.  The rules set out in this document should not only guide learners and teachers, but create an awareness among parents which will give us the backing needed to uphold and further improve high standards.

Upon signing an application for admission to the school, the parents undertake to encourage the child to support and comply with the rules and regulations of the school.


Among green hills and valleys
Our Alma Mater lies
And here we spend our youthful years
Beneath God’s clear blue skies.

Our teachers strive to lead us
On paths we all should tread
Keep honour bright and never fear
To face what lies ahead.

What e’er in life we may become
We know that honour’s due to God
For health and strength and will
And our dear School to you.


Hillary School colours are brown and gold and symbolise our human nature:

Brown - The colour of the good earth, rich and absorbent – from whence good things grow.

Gold - Reveals the hidden wealth in each of us, the qualities that come forth with good healthy  growth.

The present School Badge

The School’s motto “Add Astra” is a Latin quotation and freely translated means “Reach for the Stars” – aim high in all your endeavours.


1. School hours are as follows:
Grades 1 and 2             - 7:35 to 12:30
Grade 3                        - 7:35 to 13:00
Grades 4 – 7                - 7:35 to 13: 45
Fridays – Gr. 1 – 3      - 7:35  to 12:30
     Gr. 4 – 7      - 7:35  to 13:00

Learners must arrive in time for the warning bell, but should not be sent to school before 07:00 or left at school after 13:45.  There is, in any event no staff supervision before 07:20.

2. A learner may not leave the school grounds during the hours of attendance without the authority of the Principal.  An “exeat” will only be granted on the production of a letter from his/her parent or guardian.
On entering the school grounds, only recognised gates may be used.  Fences are out of bounds.
Learners may not climb trees, throw stones, use obscene language or indulge in any form of horseplay in the school grounds.

Smoking is forbidden and no learner may be in possession of inflammable material e.g. matches, while at school.

Bicycles may not be ridden in the school grounds.

3. Absence
    • The Principal cannot consent to request for children to be excused from lessons for reasons other than absolute necessity.  (Even medical appointments can generally be made out of school hours.)Written notes explaining absence must be brought from the parent on the learners return to school.

4. Homework
    • Each learner must keep a record of homework set.  It is expected that homework is seen and signed by the parent/guardian daily, as proof of supervision.

5. Learner-traffic
    • Children are expected to walk on verandas, concrete paths, bricked paving, tarred areas and not run.  When ascending or descending stairs, children are expected to never take more than one step at a time.

6. Conduct outside
    • Control is exercised over the behaviour of learners in public school places outside school.  Where there are no teachers or prefects present, it is expected of the most senior learners to assume responsibility and to report any form of misdemeanour to the Principal.

7. Telephone
    • The School Secretaries will phone the parents in the event of illness, etc.

8. Mobile phones
    • These are prohibited.  If a Learner is found with a cell phone, it will be confiscated and the Parents will be required to fetch them.

9. Transport
    • Parents must make arrangements regarding lifting, etc., with children before coming to school and only in extreme emergencies will the office take messages.

10. Tuck shop
    • The tuck shop opens before school and at break.  Learners , NOT PARENTS, are required to place orders in the morning.

11. School Bags
    • In the interest of school security and preservation of school books, we have a regulation school bag which all pupils are expected to purchase.  Bags are obtainable from the school Tuck shop.

12. Text Books
    • Only books that are necessary should be carried. Most text books are provided at present.  Books are checked and stationery before being issued and learners will be held responsible for the replacement of books which may either be lost or damaged during the course of the year.  All books must be covered.   Exercise books are provided.

13. Stationery
    • List of stationery requirements not supplied by the school will be furnished to parents. Such stationery must be obtained before the start of the school year.

14. Visitors to the school
    • All visitors to the school are expected to report to the school secretary in the front office to collect a Visitors Card.


1. Full school uniform. As described in the uniform schedule, must be worn to and from school daily, and upon request when attending certain school             functions outside of school hours, except that a child may return in full sport gear after matches.

School uniform is very important in that it gives our school its own particular identity.  Therefore, learners are obliged :
  • to show pride in their School by ensuring that their uniform is always clean and neat:
  • to wear full uniform or sport kit after sports practices:
  • to ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the Learner’s name.

Shorts : Grey (Poly/Viscose) without loops e.g. elastic sides
Socks : Grey (Polyester/ Nylon) with School colours in stripes at the top (Brown, Gold, Brown)
Shoes : Brown lace ups
Jerseys : Plain dark brown pullover (V neck)
Shirt : White short sleeved with dual purpose collar and School badge on the pocket.
Raincoats : Optional (Navy, Charcoal or Brown)
Physical Education    : White shorts and Hillary Golf shirt / House shirt
Sports Day        : White shorts and Hillary Golf shirt (obtainable only at the school).
Swimming : Black costume and swimming cap in House Colours (Red, Yellow or Green).

Dresses : Cloth Tetrex (Colour beige and S.A.B.S. approved) with Badge on pocket. Fish eye buttons in front to HALFWAY down front of dress.
Pants/ Briefs : White or Beige.
Socks : White anklets.
Jerseys : Plain dark brown buttoned cardigan
Shoes : Brown bar shoes
Raincoats : Optional (Brown, Charcoal or Navy)
Physical Education    : White shorts and Hillary Golf shirt / House shirt
Sports Day        : White shorts and Hillary Golf shirt (obtainable only at the school).
Swimming : Black one-piece costume and swimming cap in House colours (Red, Yellow or Green)
Jewellery : No jewellery may be worn.  One plain stud or sleeper in each ear is acceptable.
No stockings

2. Clothing such as coloured jerseys, and non-regulation shoes MAY NOT BE WORN with the school uniform.  The regulation track suit may be worn over the school uniform in colder weather, to and from school.  Tracksuits may not be worn in warm weather.  Only a full tracksuit may be worn – not track pants only.

3. Prescribed sports clothing must be worn for Physical Education lessons and games.

4. All articles of clothing worn at school MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED.

5. Hairstyles should be such that learners present well groomed, neat appearance at all times. (Click here to see Allowed Hairstyles)

Girl’s hair, if it is long, MUST be clipped or tied back with brown/yellow hair ties or brown/yellow ribbons and should not be left loose.

Boy’s hair should be of reasonable length – to ensure that boys’ hair is short, and kept neat and well-groomed.  Hair must be away from collar, ears and eyebrows.  
Hair may not be stepped, undercut, bleached or dyed.
No bleaching or highlighting of hair is permitted.
No gel. No earrings permitted for boys.

6. Other than watches and official school badges, no jewellery is to be worn.
Only gold studs or sleepers may be worn by girls with pierced ears.  The school, however, cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of watches and other valuables.  Nail polish is forbidden.

7. If for any reason a child finds it impossible to comply with any of the
above stated Dress regulations, a letter from the parent must be produced.

Before school.

Foundation Phase

  1. All Gr. 1 and 2 learners to gather on tarred quad area with their suitcases in the morning. Grade 3’s to gather on their playing field
  2. Toilets in stilted area and in the J.P. block to be used.

Senior Primary

  1. All S.P. learners to gather in area in front of stilted area with their suitcases in the morning.
  2. Only toilets in stilted area to be used.

(To be held in hall)

1. Monday Grades 4 – 7
2. Wednesday Grades 1 – 3
3. Friday Whole School

(Before and during school)

Foundation Junior Phase
  • Playground (Grade 1 & 2 – Tarred area and fenced area with climbing apparatus).

Grade 3
  • Field area adjacent to car park.

Grade 4 – 7
  • Main sport field.

N.B. THE CRICKET PITCH AND CRICKET NETS are out of bounds for any unauthorised use.

(Before school / end of school)

Foundation Phase              Outside classroom
Intermediate and Senior    Main field


The following stairwells are to be used by classes
The east side - nearest Music room                        - classes in rooms 71,82,83,84,88,89,90
The west side- nearest Computer Science room     - classes in rooms 73,85,86,87,91,92,93


TOILETS in the stilted area and in the F.P. block to be used.

Children are to sit and eat their lunch.

No playing / loud noise in toilets.  Toilet paper must not be wasted.  Toilets must be flushed when they have been used.


Quadrangle, lower courtyard, stilted area.

Toilets on first, second and third floors are not to be used by children except during lesson time.

NO talking will be allowed on staircases and along corridors – PREFECTS WILL ASSIST.

Specialist teachers will fetch the children and return them to home classrooms.  Alternatively the specialist teacher comes to the home classroom.

The following places are out of bounds:

  1. The Administration block, except on business.
  2. The parking area where teacher’s cars are parked.
  3. The quarters of the Support Staff.
  4. All banks and fences.
  5. The cricket pitch and nets, unless supervised.
  6. Any area where there is construction work taking place.
  7. All classrooms (breaks or before school ) unless a teacher is present.
  8. The change rooms (at break and after school ) unless a teacher is present.
  9. No learners are allowed in the Sports Room unless supervised by a teacher.
  10. The verandah at the rear of the Administration block.
  11. The paved area between the Hall and the stilted area.
  12. Swimming pool ( pumphouse and equipment) unless supervised.
  13. School Hall (projection booth and stage ) unless authorised.
  14. Library / Aftercare unless required to be there.

The following equipment items may not be operated or used without supervision or permission.

  • Projectors & video equipment
  • Intercom system
  • Piano
  • Any other musical instrument
  • Staff telephone
  • Fire hose and hydrants (except in an emergency)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Electrical appliances
  • Pool equipment


  2. Only on instructions from a teacher, or duly appointed person, may a learner enter the water.
  3. At the SOUND OF A WHISTLE, all swimmers must leave the water immediately.
  4. No equipment may be used without the permission of the teacher on duty, or a duly authorised person.
  5. No foodstuffs or bottles, cans or other articles likely to cause injury are allowed in the pool area, with the exception of galas or special events.
  6. No flippers, goggles, masks, air mattresses, tubes or balls are allowed.
  7. The area in and around the pumphouse (also on top and behind) are out of bounds.
  8. There is to be no running in the pool area.
  9. NO HORSE PLAY is allowed (e.g. no pushing, shoving, “bombing”, etc.)
  10. All learners will use the change-rooms and after swimming must change back into full school uniform.
  11. Any pupil who does not adhere to the above rules will be sent out of the pool area / reported to the front office.
  12. At all times keep our pool and its surroundings clean and tidy.

Children who are sensible and comply with the domestic rules of the school will never need to be punished.  Certain measures, however, have to be taken when certain learners display defiant behaviour and don’t conform to accept norms and principals.

These measures include:
  1. Counselling
  2. Withdrawal of privileges
  3. Isolation
  4. Extra work
  5. Detention

If the above-mentioned rules can be maintained, we will have a happy and pleasant school.


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